Cloud Upload

Simple Upload

Sharing with Hostr is as easy as drag, drop (wait a little bit) and copy the link. Grab the Mac or Windows app for even easier uploading.

Cloud Sharing

Simple Sharing

Hostr supports all file types, from images to documents to archives to everything else. You can even embed images.

Cloud Sharing

Simple API

Our public API is the same one we use and is built on solid REST principles. We hope developers enjoy using it as much as we do.

Hostr for Windows Preview

With our Windows app, sharing your files, screenshots and even folders couldn't be easier! Upload either by simply dragging the files on to the window or using the 4 upload buttons in the top left. If you were a Localhostr Uploadr user, you want this.

Note this is a preview and further functionality such as running in the system tray is in the pipeline.

Download for Windows Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 compatible
Hostr for Windows Screenshot
Hostr for Mac

Hostr for Mac Preview

With our Mac app, sharing documents, screenshots and anything else couldn't be easier. The app lives in your menu bar, to upload simply drag files onto our menu bar icon.

Note that this is a preview and some functionality is still in development.

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 Download for Mac


Will I have to pay for Hostr?

No. You can upgrade your account to Pro for more features, but Hostr will always be available for free.

Is Hostr secure?

Yes, Hostr is always served over SSL to registered users.

How much can I upload?

You can upload 15 files per day for free and unlimited files per day for Pro users.

How long are my files stored for?

Files are stored as long as your account is active. In addition, all files are redundantly backed up to Amazon Web Services.

What is the largest size file I can upload?

You can upload 20MB files with a free account and 500MB files with Pro.

Are there any bandwith limits?

There are no bandwidth limits, however we reserve the right to suspend downloads in cases of abuse.