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Instant sharing.

No more waiting for files to upload before sharing the links. Start uploading and immediately get the link to share with your friends or anyone. Super useful for those large files you need to share!

You can share

... anything and everything ...

From .avi to .zip, all file types are supported not just images. Share screenshots, movie clips, audio... anything you can think of!

... from anywhere.

Download our Mac and Windows apps to make sharing even simpler, with iOS and Android apps coming soon!

Still have questions?

Do have to I pay for hostr?

Nope, Hostr is free to use! You can upgrade your account to Pro for more features, but Hostr will always be available for free.

How much can I upload?

You can upload 15 files per day for free and unlimited files per day for Pro users.

How long are my files stored for?

Files are stored as long as your account is active. In addition, all files are redundantly backed up to Amazon Web Services.

What is the largest file size I can upload?

You can upload 20MB files with a free account and 500MB files with Pro.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

There are no bandwidth limits, however we reserve the right to suspend hotlinking of images in cases of abuse.

Will Hostr be around in 6 months?

Many sharing services have come and go, but we've been operating for 8 years. Hostr is a labour of love for us.


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